How it Works


WonderWool is an all-natural, 100% Australian product.

WonderWool is soft, washed and carded for protecting your feet from the discomfort of blisters. Everyone knows the amazing benefits of wool in the outdoors for clothing, well now you can also trust wool to protect your feet. Creating a friction free, moisture free and padded comfort zone, you are able to enjoy the outdoors without the discomfort of blisters.

Use WonderWool for prevention on prone blister areas.


As soon as you feel a hot spot forming on your feet (heel, toe, bridge etc) stop and remove your footwear and sock. Apply a generous amount of WonderWool to the affected area (DO NOT APPLY TO BROKEN SKIN) replace your sock and let the WonderWool fuse to your sock and work its magic. Replace footwear and continue walking.

 Enjoy blister free living.